Accuracy & Precision

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Accuracy & Precision

Potential customers often ask us what degree of accuracy we guarantee. The fact is, we don't make accuracy guarantee statements. Really?
First of all, how would you determine the accuracy of a count just completed by your employees or an external service? A natural discrepancy in the allocation of sales during the audit will generate some variance between the initial count and any recounts. Anyone claiming 100% accuracy probably generates results far from it. What is a comfortable margin of error? If someone promises 99% accuracy it sounds pretty good but if you have an inventory of $100,000, it seems to us like a pretty big error.
So we donít promise something that can't be measured or proven. We do promise that our auditors understand the audit process and wonít leave until they're certain about the variables we can control. Working together we will generate results allowing you to react with confidence, whether they indicate a location performing at target or failing to do so.
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